Friday, 5 August 2011

Street Cleaning Simulator. Seriously.

Not posted for a while due to the fact I've had a lot on my plate. It's just that something as ridiculous as this turning up in my Gamespot  inbox could not be left to rot.  

Street Cleaning Simulator has rocketed to the top of the "Reader's Reviews" section on Gamespot. Why you ask, considering it's an appalling game; game of course in the absolute LOOSEST POSSIBLE terms, of a boring job that even the people who do it don't want to? Because, apparently (and I say apparently because the review scores have perhaps been tampered with), it has an average score of 9.3. Out of ten. Not out of 100. TEN. This brings me to a little joke I've been working on. What's the difference between Street Cleaning Simulator, and Anne Widdecombe's fanny?

Given time, I could probably work up the courage to play with the latter. Full review soon. When I figure out I could've spent the money it cost to buy the game on something more fun, like an acid bath for myself, I shall probably be swinging from a doorknob.

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